Responsible use of antibiotics


We, at Zoetis stand for the responsible use of antibiotic medicines in animals, which means:

  • We believe that veterinary professionals are central in the decisions around the use of antibiotic medicines in animals for the health of the animal and for the safety of the food supply
  • We are committed to supporting our veterinary customers with the knowledge and tools to use antibiotic medicines properly according to their labelling

Responsible use, in our view, includes the following steps:

  • Diagnosis of an illness or infection
  • Selection of the most appropriate antibiotic for the animal and the bacterial disease
  • Use of the correct dose, duration of treatment and the correct route of administration according to the product labelling
  • In livestock, adherence to the withholding period following completion of treatment

To help safeguard these precious resources, we are striving to help our customers, veterinary surgeons and farmers to use antibiotics responsibly and we are engaged in encouraging good practices to protect animal and human health.