The connection between practice and patient

Create a truly revolutionary connection between you, your VETSCAN Diagnostic Laboratory and your patients. The FUSE system, while connected to one or more VETSCAN analyzers, can integrate with a Practice Management System or operate in stand-alone mode to provide enhanced options for patient tracking.

Bi-directional integration

Simple 2 step workflow


1Practice Management Software

Order test in your Practice Management Software.

2VETSCAN Analyzers

Select the patient from the automated worklist, load and run the sample.

Key Features at a Glance

Seamless workflow Experience smart integration between VETSCAN analyzers and veterinary Practice Management Systems
Efficient Eliminate manual steps and ensure no lost billing charges
Presentation value Access stunning displays of patient results from any device in your clinic
Built-in trending Use result trending to engage your pet owners in meaningful conversations around their pet’s diagnostic trends

Ask your practice management vendor if they are FUSE Enabled

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